Getting Free Play at Your Online Casino

There are some online casinos that will offer you a free play bonus, that can be used to try out some of their games. The free play is usually limited to one hour, and can be obtained when you create a new account at certain online casino sites. This is a very popular choice for online casinos to use as a bonus as they know it is a favourite of many online players, and it works very well in drawing new players in.

It is not just the online casinos that have the free play bonuses on offer, you will find some of the mobile casinos that offer free play bonuses too. The concept works anywhere, so it is no surprise to see some mobile casinos using this sign-up bonus system as it attracts a lot of the new mobile players into their casinos, and give them the chance to play some of the games they have on offer.

One of the reasons why this bonus is very popular is that not only can you play some of the games for free for an hour, but you can also keep any winning that you make during this time too. There will be a limit on the amount that you can win on the free play, but you can certainly get yourself off to a good start with the casino, and you could end up playing for a long time on the casino's money without having to make any financial deposit of your own.

There are many different kinds of sign up bonuses available across all the online casinos, so if you are specifically looking for the free play bonus make sure you find a good quality casino that offers this style. Some of the other bonuses will require you to make a deposit of your own into your casino account, and the casino will match this, but there is no free play given for these, so you need to make sure you get the right one before you sign up.