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What is "Free Play" in Online Casinos?

The term free play for online casinos means that you are able to play any casino style game on the online casino website. This also means that you are permitted to play the online casino game for as long as you want; as much as you want. In Denmark, they play slots or 'spilleautomater' for as long as they want! In addition to all of this, you are also permitted to play the online casino games without having to pay anything. This means that there is no betting involved in terms of real betting.

The Purpose of Free Play

There are numerous reasons for free play on online casinos. Here are the most common reasons for free play:

  • It is a great way for people to become familiar with the website.
  • Beginners can become familiar with the website and the games.
  • You can learn, practice, sharpen up your skills, and just play for fun.
  • It is great for individuals who prefer not to bet or those who do not have the means to do so.
  • A lot of new members are generated through free play periods. This is because free play allows them to test out the games and the website to see if they like it. If they do, then they normally become a member.

As you can see, there are numerous purposes for free play times on online casino websites. Free play periods provide win-win outcomes. The player wins because they get to play for free, become familiar with the website, and practice their skills. The website wins because they generate new members.

A lot of mobile online casinos provide freeplay because it's a great way to get new players to join for free and they quickly find out that they can even play anywhere and even win huge jackpots on the toilet!

Online Casinos and their welcome offer: how to avoid getting scammed

Online casinos bring the fun that one would have at a brick and mortar casino to where the person is be it home, office or somewhere else. They make it possible to gamble on the go and at any time you are free which is much more convenient and preferred by many over playing at physical casinos. What makes these casinos even more endearing is the fact that they offer some very lucrative welcome bonuses. You will find a casino that offer as much as 200% bonus on first deposit. A good site to check before choosing your preferred casino is

While these bonuses are great, some fraudsters have used them to scam players. They promise the best offers but do not deliver! They them to scam players. They promise the best offers but do not deliver! They even be genuine casinos. How do you avoid falling victim to this.

Is it too Good to be True?

If the welcome offer is too good to be true, it probably is. No one has free money to just give away. If they promise lots of money for making a small deposit then they are a scam. The higher the percentage bonus, the lower the limit will be set. For instance, 300% bonuses are usually capped at £$30 while 100% bonuses can go as high as £500. If a casino promises you a 200% deposit match with a high limit of £1000, then you should avoid it because it is most likely a scam.

Is it too Good to be True?

No casino will offer you a bonus without terms and conditions. If there are none, this is the first sign to stay away because these are people who are just out to get your hard-earned money. If the terms and conditions are there, go through them word-by-word and understand each and every one of them. The most important condition to note is the wagering requirement. This specifies the number of times a player must play using the bonus before cashing out winnings. Make sure you read good reviews about the online casinos you want to join. Thanks to sites such as you can find reliable reviews! It makes sense for a casino to want to make the wagering requirements not too easy. They need you to be an active player and this is what they use. However, it should not be too hard to reach the wagering requirements. There should be no limit on how long the wagering requirement should be met but if it is there, it should be reasonable.

Licensing and regulation of the casino

Once you have gone through the welcome bonus terms, the next thing you should check is the licensing of the casino. A good casino must be licensed by the body in charge of casinos at its home country. The casino should provide information about their licensure on their website. If this is clearly displayed, it should build your confidence as it shows that the casino is not a scam. Most online casinos use licenses from remote islands such as Gibraltar, Malta, Costa Rica and Curacao among others. These countries are easier to obtain licenses compared to the UK which has very strict requirements before licensing. So, a casino that is licensed by the UK is a great choice.

By simply going through an online casino’s website you can tell whether the casino is a scam or not. Be very keen as you do this to avoid missing something and later regretting playing at the casino. With caution and some research, you will stay safe from scammers and find genuine casinos to play at.

A Brief Description of Casino Games you may love!

The igaming industry offers lots of exciting entertainment across the game menu. Online casinos splash players with irresistible bonus offers with free spins. This is in a bid to get a chunk of the market share. If you're a new player, the welcome packages are even more tempting. Here's a brief description of casino games for you.


Online slots are designed with various background themes, symbols, and sounds. The slots gameplay features often include paylines distributed across 3-reels or 5-reels. You can spin the reels for free. Free play can be fun as you've the chance to gain gaming skills without having to worry about your money. It offers new players a hands on experience only that you can't win money in free play mode. Online slots include Fruit shop, Flaming Crates, Treasures of Egypt, and many more. If you are a slots lover, definitely check and discover many slot games and more!

If you're looking for a chance to win real money then you'll have to stake your money first. The coin value is provided in a range of values with minimum and maximum bet values depending on the casino site you choose. Paylines or betlines are normally fixed but you can freely select the coin value and the bet level to get the bet value you want. There are bonuses and free spins to be won when you spin the reels. During the free spins you still stand a chance to win money. Autoplay button is also available if you're completely new to slots. You just dial the autoplay button and the reels spin automatically.


This is a table casino game of chance. It was developed in France and consists of a wheel (from which it derives its name) divided into four sections. The two major types of Roulette are the American Roulette and the European Roulette. The differences include a 00 pocket in the American version in addition to the 0 pocket. It has a higher advantage for the house, while the European roulette offers its players a higher advantage. Yukon Gold Casino is the #1 casino in terms of casino games, the casino recently released new table games for beginners and/or experts, check their site if you get the chance.

At 7.89% house advantage, Roulette carry the worst odds. The best bet options in roulette are wagers paying even money like Black/Red, Low (1-18)/High (19-36), and Odd/Even. As a dealer, you first place your bets on the roulette table and spin a ball on the wheel's outer rim. If the ball eventually land on the number you chose, then you win.


Blackjack is a table game of cards. It consists of 52 cards players play against the dealer. Each card is assigned a value. Cards 2 to 10 carry the face value, while kings, queens, and jacks have 10 points each. You can choose one or more cards and your aim is to reach a value of 21, and beat the dealer. The best outcome is a two card total of 21 or a blackjack.

You can also get the mobile version of these games as these are supported on mobile devices. This gives you an opportunity to play your favorite game anytime, anywhere. Want to give it a try? We are sure you do. Check for more info on the best online casinos and best games.

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